I meant to keep stashbusting, I really did…

But my fingers got itchy to design. And I’m going to use up (some) of my stash! Okay, I’m going to have to buy more as well, but it’s the intention that counts, right? I should end up with less at the end than I have now, even if temporarily I end up with more.

(I’m fooling no-one, am I?)

P1000197 copy

Another blanket, here I come 😀

7 thoughts on “Whoops?

  1. I am so pleased that you are setting off on your next blanket journey and very much looking forward to seeing it progress, Exciting for all of us!


  2. Yea, I know! I’ve used that same ‘excuse’ before – many times!
    Well, I’m going to use up some of my stash on this project – but oh dear! I’m going to have to buy more yarn to finish it. oh dear!
    Is there anyone among us who has not done the same thing?
    Funny how that happens..and the stash somehow just keeps growing……and growing……and growing!
    and now I’ve “outgrown” the little cabinets devoted to my stash – and may have to go out and buy just one more cabinet –
    If only I could find a space to PUT that cabinet! (tee tee!)


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