Bits and bobs

I’m still very much working on projects that I just can’t share with you yet (don’t blame me, blame friends and family who read my blog!), but a sneak peek of this one won’t give much away, and since I’m doing something new (to me) with it, I thought I could wrangle a blog post out of it 😀


Yes, I’m working with beads. To be more specific, I’ve threaded a load of beads onto my yarn to put one in each picot along the edging of the project. It’ll look gorgeous, but phew, it’s harder work than I anticipated – I suspect that’s because I’ve picked beads that are a liiiittle bit too heavy. They’ll look absolutely gorgeous, and the drape of it will work so well, but all those beads are dragging at the yarn as I crochet it, making it harder to pull up another few yards to work with. The actual working-beads-into-the-crochet part of it is easy enough, and really is very effective along an edging. Ah well. Next time I’ll pick some lighter beads. Still, it’s going to look lovely.

In other news, and I’m assured by friends and family that this isn’t blowing my own trumpet, there’s a mini Q&A with me in the current issue of Inside Crochet magazine (issue 94). I will freely admit that I did a little bouncy dance of glee at seeing my name and pictures of my designs in print like that. So if you want to know what crochet essential I need close at hand when I’m designing, or what animals I share my living space with, go forth and purchase yourselves copies 🙂

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