British summer?

Okay, I confess. It’s my fault it’s raining.

We’ve skipped right over August weather into autumn weather, at least in this corner of the country. It’s cold (ish) and very wet and it feels like we’re mid-September already. And it’s my fault, because I have started my Christmas crochet projects.

Well, to be quite accurate, I have discovered an old finished object that got stuck in a corner, awaiting blocking.

My Ravelry project notes tell me that this is a Summer Sprigs lace scarf, which is a free pattern. This was my second version of it – I also did one in white – and I used Wendy Supreme Luxury Cotton DK. It’s a gorgeous green, and I remember (dimly!) enjoying using the yarn.

The reason the scarf has languished, unblocked, in a corner of my stash? Well, Ravelry notes come up trumps again: ‘Finished, but ugh, I’ve made so many errors in the border I don’t know if I can give it as a gift (intended as a belated Christmas gift).

I am my own harshest critic. Looking at the border now, I can see a few errors, but nothing to write home about and nothing that a gift recipient would notice. So I got out my blocking mats, blocked it as best I could (gosh, it’s long!) and I have a recipient in mind – officially the first Christmas present of the year finished!

I’m also working up a scarf to give to my brother at Christmas; two-thirds of the way through, I will hopefully finish it up today. It’s the kind of wet, dreary day where all I really want to do is curl up, stick a film on, drink lots of tea and crochet to my heart’s content – so that’s what I shall do 🙂

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