Ta da! Basketweave scarf

First Christmas present off the hook 😀


Basketweave is a fairly ‘standard’ stitch, though it looks scary. I have a lovely stitch reference book – Handbook of Crochet Stitches, by Betty Barnden – which is an incredibly valuable resource! The basketweave stitch is on page 166 of that book, but you can also find tutorials online, both written and in videos.

It’s basically a multiple of six, plus two (I worked 26 foundation double crochet stitches, which made up a 6 inch wide scarf). Your ‘two’ stitches are one at the end of each row, and in between is a repeating pattern of post stitches. Yes, a scarf almost entirely composed of post stitches! You can imagine how much I love it 😀 the post stitches form a pattern that looks like basket weave, hence the name. It’s not as hard to master as it looks, and it makes a lovely dense, thick fabric – perfect for a thick winter scarf.


I used Ardalanish aran weight yarn for this, in ‘slate’. You remember how a friend brought me some samples in an egg box? Well, I treated myself to some full size balls of yarn from them. Oohhhh, it’s lovely. Thick and not scratchy, with that particular smell of natural wool. I used three 100g balls (450m/492 yards), with a 6.5mm hook, and it worked up like a charm.

Onwards and upwards: I’ve got plenty to crochet before Christmas, and I’m very pleased that I’m getting a good, solid head start on things. I like to be prepared!


5 thoughts on “Ta da! Basketweave scarf

  1. That’s a lovely classic scarf. Well done on getting going on Christmas projects. I have a policy – never to make things for Christmas presents – and it works well for me. Except when I break that rule at the last minute!


    1. I /try/ to make something handmade for many people’s gifts – even if it’s just a small, geeky amigurumi. But I get panicky if it gets too close to Christmas without enough done. A good head start is essential!


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