A wonderful yarn-related adventure :D

Last weekend I went off on a jaunt.

I spent the drive marvelling at the scenery.

I took a train, and then another train, and then landed in my brother’s city-of-residence, where I had a nice little tour of his new house (complete with two crocheted blankets and four crocheted cushions, though I did notice that his double bed is in need of a blanket too), and then he drove me up past the Peak District, into the hilly lands of West Yorkshire.

Destination: the Stylecraft Blogstar meet-up!



We met on the Friday night and had a meal – or at least, we ate in between crocheting and knitting! It was lovely to be with other people who understand that the time between courses is best filled with crafting. Much to the bemusement of my brother, who stuck around to help me out and to drive me back home afterwards.

On Saturday morning we all went to Stylecraft HQ, where we met up with a few others who hadn’t been able to make it to the meal on Friday. Unfortunately Lucy of Attic24 and Jane Crowfoot couldn’t make it 😦 We also connected via skype to the overseas blogstars (Angela from Get Knotted Yarncraft, Zelna from Zooty Owl, Anne and Michelle from Crochet Between Worlds, and Polly Plum from Every Trick on the Hook). It was so lovely to sit and chat with everyone about what they’re doing, sharing our love of yarn and crafts and colour.


After a bit of a chat and a catch-up (or, in my case, a ‘get to know people’!), we settled down and had a sneak peek of Stylecraft’s upcoming additions to their ranges. It’s all very hush-hush and I can’t tell you anything about it – except that it’s all gorgeous and you’re all going to love everything 😀 Then we had a wander around, looking at all of this gorgeous secret yarn – and Lucia had brought some blankets to show off, too, which we very much enjoyed ooh-ing and ahh-ing over.

She had two blankets she’s made using the small squares from the Demelza blanket – and I loved actually getting to see them in person, rather than via a screen!


Then we all settled down to play with colours for another secret future project from Stylecraft. Some people had brought yarn pegs to help with that, but I hadn’t been able to fit mine in my bag, so instead I got to play with this gorgeous pile of Special DK.

Some of us got down on the floor and played, because it was just too irresistible. It was tremendous fun, and I came away with so many colour ideas and combinations that I want to play with.

After lunch, Stylecraft had invited a lovely lady from the Ring of Tatters to come and give us a lesson in tatting. I had an idea that it was about lacemaking with knots, but I have to confess I did not get the hang of it quickly! In fact my brother caught on quicker than I did, even without trying – so much so that he picked up his own thread and had a go.

After that, there was time for a photo of the whole group, and then it was back into the car for a long, much less scenic drive back home.


Heather, Sarah, Phil, Lucia, Helen, Sandra, Kathryn, Emma, Julia, and me in the middle in my ‘chair 🙂

I’ve come away with so many ideas, and I feel in need of plenty of extra time and energy to try to achieve them all! In the meantime, I am making good progress on joining my latest blanket, and I’m already plotting my next blanket. It was a fantastic trip out, and I’m so glad I managed to get there.

And even my brother enjoyed himself 😀

7 thoughts on “A wonderful yarn-related adventure :D

  1. You must feel like you’re on the front line of yarn innovation and creativity, and what a treat to be able to spend time at Stylecraft HQ with all those lovely people. xx


  2. Hi Catherine,

    Anne and Michelle of Crochet Between Worlds have introduced me to you and the other ‘blogstars’ through their account of this meeting and thus I have found your blog too. It is interesting to read different accounts of the same meeting whether it is from the outside looking in or from the UK looking out!

    Your blankets look amazing. I don’t know how I missed seeing them although I must admit that as soon as I see the word “Crochet Along” I run the other way because life is so busy, I know I will never be able to keep up and who wants to have taunting, half-finished crochet all over the place? I suspect that is what happened and why I hadn’t truly appreciated your beautiful work before.

    I notice you have mentioned Betty Barnden (author) – I have one of her books on my shelf too “Finishing Techniques” – very practical hints and expert information. I will need to find the book that you have. If you are learning BB’s tips and tricks, it’s no wonder your blankets look so good.

    It looks like I will need to keep an eye on your blog from now on! I hope you don’t mind another visitor.

    Have a lovely day and happy crochet!



    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, Jodie 🙂
      Although the Demelza and Ross blankets have been run as CALs, both were published beforehand, so are available for you to do whenever you like. No getting behind, that way!
      The Betty Barnden book I have is wonderful. I got it when I was still beginning and learning, and I still reference it for stitch patterns constantly. It’s a great stitch dictionary.
      Lovely to have you here 🙂


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