The cat comes first. Obviously.

I’ve finally got to the joining stage of this blanket – hurrah!

And of course that means that my progress is now going to be paaaainstakingly slow for some time to come.

This is why:


‘But human,’ she seems to say, ‘this is such a lovely cozy blanket you’ve made for me. Of COURSE it’s for me. And it’s on your lap, and your lap is mine, so blanket is mine.’

I put a blanket on my lap, to work on it, and as if by magic, a cat appears.

I can’t turf her off. Of course I can’t. Look at that adorable little face. She’s so comfy and cozy. And she’s been so lovely this week, looking after me (poorly with a stomach bug), so I can’t turf her off. I just can’t.

Not tonight, anyway 😀

6 thoughts on “The cat comes first. Obviously.

  1. Hee-Hee… You have your priorities right…. of course the cat comes first! Glad to meet another cat-lover. My cat loves it when I bring out the crochet project, he always “helps” though usually only lets me do one row per sitting.


  2. We swear that 2 of our 3 cats teleport…they just seem to magically appear. The 3rd is overweight and not at all graceful….you can hear her coming. I think she takes after our 3 dachshunds.


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