New project :D

Don’t you love that ‘new project’ feel? The excitement, the anticipation, the glorious mountains of yarn to squish and choose from?

I’ve not been idle, the past fortnight, butI haven’t done any designing. I made some little amigurumi Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for a friend’s children (and consequently had the cartoon theme music on repeat in my head for daaaaays), and I’ve stashbusted a bit with a baby blanket (pics to follow, once it’s blocked), but I’ve given myself a bit of a break from thinking about pattern-writing, because my poor brain was a bit worn out from finishing off my Sunflowers blanket. Which I promise will be available soon – I’m still waiting on a few pattern-testers to finish up 🙂

I’m easing my way back in to designing with a small project that serves a dual purpose. Firstly, I’m aiming to use up a bit more stash, and secondly, it’s going to help me keep organised with all my pattern scribblings. So far all my pattern designs have been pencilled on bits of paper, often A5 sized, which have then just been shoved in a drawer to idle and be forgotten about. No more! I’m still going to scribble on paper when I’m designing and dreaming up ideas, but I’ve bought myself a ringbinder to keep things organised, safe, and in one place.

And obviously, because I am a great big nerd, I’m crocheting a cover for my folder. A crocheted cover for my crochet folder!

It’s partly planned and partly I’m just winging it, but I’m writing it all down, and when it’s done I’ll share the pattern 😀 oooh, I do love this new-project feeling!

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