The first step is admitting the problem

You remember how I felt so good, when I was working on Granny Blues, about stashbusting and reducing the maaassive piles of yarn hidden in various corners of the house? Yes. Well. Ahem.

Yesterday I finished the Sunflowers blanket. Yay! No pictures yet, I’m waiting for the pattern testers to finish it up, and then pics and pattern will be posted as one. But having finished it, it was time for some ‘yarn housekeeping’. I overstocked myself for the Sunflowers blanket (I was using a yarn with distinct dye lots, so better overstocked than understocked), and I needed to sort out the whole balls and the part balls and get them all stored away. And in the process of doing that, I decided to drag everything out, make a mental note of it all, and try to think of some stashbusting projects to do with some of it.


So I got it all out, and piled it all up, and looked at it all.

I should be clear that the blue bucket at the bottom of the picture? Is overflowing with yarn.

It is possible – just possible, mind you – that I have a slight yarn problem. ‘No such thing as too much yarn’ is a lovely motto, and results in joyous yarn parcels arriving, but I think I need to do some more destashing!! I have a few smaller projects in mind, and I need a short break from designing, after the hard work of the Sunflowers blanket, so I will dutifully endeavour to work through some of this yarn.

And no more will arrive until some of this is gone. I absolutely promise.


6 thoughts on “The first step is admitting the problem

  1. I absolutely LOVE your stash because mine is nearly as big!!! (not quite but nearly) and I did think I needed to shrink it,,,, I have a few projects on the go😬 AHEM!!!
    A pair of socks……phew! hard going😡
    A CAL….a new block every two weeks, loving it😍 shrinking my stash little by little😉
    A lacy scarf in pure alpaca… for me me me me!!!!!
    A pair of bootees for a work colleague to start on🛍
    And I’ve just taken delivery of a panda kit from hooked, just for subscribing to a crochet mag😉
    Ahhhh bliss, who cares? not me


  2. PS
    I’ve just recently discovered you and absolutely love last years CAL hope there is another one in the pipeline😘


  3. You do know there is nothing wrong with a good stash? It is a sign of a very creative and forward thinking person. You are all prepared for when the next inspiration strikes. Enjoy xx


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