Ta da!

My stash-bust blanket is finished 😀 hurrah for a quick and easy project to keep my hands busy and my brain relaxed.


All the details of what hook and yarn I used and what size squares I made can be found here. I added in some cream, because I could see I wasn’t quite going to have enough of the blues for 100 squares (10×10), and I managed to only need to buy one ball of yarn to complete it. Everything else came from stash.



I joined it using The Patchwork Heart’s continuous join. I’d not used it before, and it took a row or two before I really got the hang of it, but after that it all just zoomed. Then I added a round of granny stitches to the outside, and finished off with a single row of sc. A simple, neat border for a simple, neat blanket.

And now I’ve gone back to my Sunflowers blanket, which I’m happy to report is progressing very well. All the patterns are written, and I’m now writing them up ‘neat’, working up all the squares, taking lots of photographs and sending the patterns off to my guinea pigs pattern testers. It shouldn’t be too many more weeks before I’m ready to show it off to you all!

2 thoughts on “Ta da!

  1. The blanket is gorgeous I am an avid & am aquite a newbie @ crochet I can only do granny square I would like to be able to read a pattern not sure if I am confident enough but I hope to try thanks 🙏


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