‘Around the World’ progress

Well, one week into recreating my beloved blanket, I have made 69 of the total 729 squares. Just under 10%, or roughly 10 squares a day.

It’s actually more squares per day, and less days worked, which pleases me, because I remember, when I was making the original, that I could achieve 20 a day on a reasonably good day, and it would be nice to be working at that speed again. Not every day, but most days!

A lot of time, admittedly, is spent on making sure that each square matches, size-wise, with every other square. I remember this frustration. Oh yes, I remember it well.

Because although I’m using SSDK, which is all DK weight, obviously – different colours actually can come out slightly different thicknesses. Which means that when I switch colours, I’m often having to slightly change my tension. Also, I do know myself, and I know that as I work on a project, particularly a very repetitive one like this, I have a real tendency to work tighter and tighter. Thus, I check and recheck squares to make sure I’m working to within an acceptable margin. We’re talking maybe a millimetre or two either way, at most, and yet the frustration and the checking and the obsessive perfectionism hold sway.

Frankly, it slows me up a lot, in a blanket like this. But I can’t stop, and it’s only frustrating me, not harming anyone else, so that’s just the way it’s going to be :S

The other reason it’s not a mere 10 squares a day is because it’s not actually my only project at the moment. I’ve currently got two on the go – this one, and another blanket. But it’s not Under the Sea. I have a confession to make about that, which is that all along I’ve been working slightly ahead of the CAL, in order to remind myself of each pattern before everyone else starts tackling it! After all, by the time the CAL started, it was a year or more since I’d actually designed the blanket.

So when I realised I was going to have to recreate my ‘Around the World’ blanket, I decided to shoot ahead even further with my ‘The Edge of the Water’ Batik version. So although all of you who are still working on it aren’t yet at joining and the border, I’m afraid I’ve actually already finished mine 😀 it joins together so beautifully quickly, and I have remembered how much I love the border, so I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone gets on with those two final stages of the CAL.

Instead, I’m working on a version of Sophie’s Universe, by Dedri Uys, in Stylecraft Bellissima. This is a special project, and one I can only work on when one of my carers – carer J – isn’t here with me.

Carer J has been working for me, and for my mum, for going on six years now, and she’s like family. She’s been such a support since my mum died, and not only her, but also her three kids, the eldest of whom particularly is like a niece for me. Carer J has become kind of like a sister, in many ways, and I know she feels the same – I’m not just her employer, I’m a friend.

And carer J is engaged, to her long-term partner! There’s no wedding date set, but for me, that’s all to the good, because it means I have time, secretly, to make a spectacular blanket for her and her partner, as a wedding present. I did a lot of noodling about the internet trying to decide what to make, and in the end I went for ‘Sophie’s Universe’, because it’s so universally popular. I thought carer J would like the official colourway for the XL version, but I knew that would turn out too big, really, especially when I have to keep it hidden! So I carefully matched colours as closely as possible into the Bellissima yarn.

I’m not working on it all the time when carer J isn’t here – but it’s actually really nice to have both a more complicated blanket and a brainless one to work on at the same time. If I’m too tired to work on a new pattern, I’ve got granny squares. And if I’m fed up of granny squares (as long as it’s not a day when carer J is here!) I’ve got ‘Sophie’s Universe’ to work on.

It’s working out well so far 😀

7 thoughts on “‘Around the World’ progress

  1. I’m so glad that you have someone to keep you company, it’s so important to have that support after loosing a parent. I had my animals to get me out of b bed after caring for my dad through 10 years of gradually worsening Parkinson’s. Sophie’s Universe is gorgeous and I know you enjoy and I know what you mean about working a pattern that you have to pay attention to, and going to an easy one. I am doing that with a Janie Crow blanket and knitting a sweater. I’ve been knitting for about 60 years and even intricate stitches are easy. Take care of yourself!


    1. All of my three carers have been fantastic, over the last eighteen months since Mum died 🙂 I’m still, in many ways, processing how /hard/ it was over the last few years of her life, caring for her while being ill myself; it’s something that’s really impossible to describe to someone who’s not experienced that caring role. And then coming out of that is hard, especially when, as with me and my mum, we lived together and were best friends, as well as mother and daughter.

      But life is good, and I know she’s with me every moment of the day 🙂


  2. Thanks for this update on your activities. I love it. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve just finished my larger rather bohemian-inspired queen blanket based on the squares of the CandyFloss Daydreams. It has been challenging but greatly rewarding and has received lots of admiration from those who have seen it. Thank you so much for your beautiful designs. Jeremy.


  3. I do like to read stories like this, about having so marvellous a carer: kind of restores one’s faith in humanity. For myself, turning 79 today (gasp ! – starting my 80th year !), I have found a small home care package provider in which the Head of Operations is someone I now can’t do without. There are some nice aspects of ageing, eh, Catherine ? 🙂


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