I’m alive, really I am.

After six very long, very exhausting weeks, my house has finally been rewired.

I am somehow still standing. Though not very steadily standing!!

Gosh, it’s been so tiring, I can’t tell you. Every single room has been disturbed, to a greater or lesser extent. The dust. Three of the four kitchen walls ended up needing re-rendering, because the render had blown away from the breeze blocks and there was just no way they could drill into it for new wires/sockets/lights without, y’know, the whole lot falling down. Five, soetimes six days a week, for six weeks. The dust, did I mention the dust? Some days it was so bad I would wipe something down, and five minutes later there would be more dust later (and I’m not talking about, y’know, wiping down a piece of furniture, I’m talking about dusting off my laptop because I was sat there using it and the dust just kept settling and settling).

However! I now have sockets, everywhere, that work. I have lights, in multiple places and combinations, that work. Switches at both top and bottom of the stairs. A brand new, up-to-scratch fusebox. And sockets. Did I mention the sockets? Ever since I moved in, I’ve had extension leads plugged in, taped down, trailing across floors – because a good 80% of the sockets in the house were non-functioning. No more. The tape is up, the extension leads are packed away, it is all good. Never again, but it’s all good.

So for the last month or so, I’ve been sort of out of it. Relatively little crochet has happened. No thinking at all has happened apart from ‘yes, that socket should go there’ and ‘nooooooo, don’t tell me about that wall’. I have pottered around the garden, I have worked on the Under the Sea blanket along with everyone who’s doing the CAL (so glad so many people are enjoying that, btw), and I have watched a lot of movies with good headphones on.

I feel like I have just emerged from a long period of blurred time, and I am not yet fully with it.

I am now going to spend a lot of time resting. There’s quite a lot of sorting out to do post-rewiring – unpacking boxes, moving furniture, probably some decorating in various places. Thankfully both my carers have teenage children heading into summer holidays with time to spare and desperate for pocket money, so I will have lots of help with this 😀

But I thought I’d better pop back in here and let you all know that yes, I am in fact alive. And to share with you all some pictures of my garden progress 🙂

7 thoughts on “I’m alive, really I am.

  1. When a person is lucky enough to have a garden, doing stuff out there is mandatory !
    Happily for you, you’ve done some, so no punishment is required. [grin]


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