New hens

Would you like to meet my new chickens? Yes, of course you would!

So a few weeks ago, one of my older ladies, Gabby, died rather suddenly. She’d laid me an egg two days before, so I wasn’t expecting it, but it happens. That left me with four: Gertie , who hasn’t laid in god knows how long and perpetually looks as though she’s on her last legs; Georgie, who I thought had stopped laying but who has come back into lay in a barnstorming way (she’s a white leghorn, ergo a very reliable layer); Hattie, who was laying but seems to be taking a break at the moment; and Hope, who is a very reliable layer and seems now to be top of the pecking order.

From left to right – Gertie, Georgie, Hattie (with extra Georgie!) and Hope.

Yes, I name my chickens alphabetically by cohort. Gabby, Gertie and Georgie were/are the same age (they arrived in 2019, after the fox incident, which some of you may remember!), and Hope and Hattie are the same age, arriving in 2020 just at the start of the pandemic.

So I figure Gertie is, sadly, on her way out, and Georgie will inevitably follow reasonably soon, probably, so getting another three hens is completely and totally logical. Honest. (I love my chickens, I really do).

So meet Ivy, Ida and Iris:

Ivy should lay olive green eggs (and if not, blue). Ida, with her beautiful crest, should lay blue eggs. And drop-dead-gorgeous Iris, on the righthand side there, will lay white eggs.

Yes, I’m aware of how many eggs I will be getting. No, I can’t get through them all myself. But I love my chickens 😀 such happy little chickens. They’re still integrating, but the newbies are settling in pretty well. Hope is completely happy with them, Gertie is trying to ignore them, and both Georgie and Hattie will eventually work out that they’re bigger and older than the new ladies and therefore do not need to throw their weight about quite so much.

In other news, I hope you’re all enjoying getting to grips with part two of the CAL, the Starfish square. This was probably one of my favourite squares to design and work up, and it’s lovely to see so many people over on the Facebook group enjoying working on it. I just love the layering of the star, and I remain very pleased with how I managed to turn a five-pointed star into a regular square 😀

If you haven’t started your version of Under the Sea, there’s still plenty of time! All parts so far are available on Stylecraft’s website, in US and UK terms, and part three will be available on 3rd May.

Take care, all 🙂



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