Post Christmas ta-da – part 2!

As promised, I’m back to round-up the final few Christmas present/Christmas-related projects I’ve been working on over the last few months.

Looking back at my post a few days ago, and at the projects I’ll be talking about below, it’s clear that one aim of my Christmas crocheting was stash-busting! Odd balls of things that had accumulated over time. Partly this is an eternal impulse for me – I frequently do small projects or blankets as a way of using up odds and ends – but partly it’s because I will, hopefully, be moving quite soon. We’re still waiting for the Grant of Probate, but everything else is lined up and ready to go, in terms of paperwork and legalities. I refuse to live out of boxes until the move (although I have packed all my Christmas decorations into a box, rather than back into the cupboard), but I’m doing things like not automatically replacing that can of beans, not bulk-buying things for the sake of the price…and attempting to reduce the size of my yarn stash, as and where I can!

So, onwards today’s showing-off 🙂

I made this infinity scarf with Deramores Studio Merino DK, in ‘poseidon’ and ‘moondance’, and a 5.5mm hook. The pattern is the ‘Super Plush Faux-Knit Infinity Scarf‘ by Rebecca Langford, a free and very simple pattern that works up very quickly. It’s gone to one of my carers, to keep her warm in the early mornings while she walks her truly enormous dog!

I initially made these adorable Christmas trees intending to give them as presents to someone, but I rapidly changed my mind and became selfish 😀 The pattern is the ‘Bobble Stitch Christmas Tree Trio‘ by See Love Share (though obviously I made four). I used Stylecraft Wondersoft Stardust DK, in ‘holly’ and ‘poppy’ – but I held the yarn double, to approximate a heavier weight, since the pattern calls for aran-weight. I’m really pleased with how they came out. I had a very little left over, but a ball of each colour gave me four trees in total. Hook size was 6mm, and I used battery-powered LED lights, the kind that come on wires, to make the lights on the trees. They lived on the coffee table in the living room over Christmas, and definitely added to the festive ambiance.

I’d had my eye on this little fellow for some time. It was a pattern published in 2020, when we were all coming to grips with ‘oh right, pandemic’, and I knew my brother would absolutely get the humour of it – especially when I added the Monty Python reference! The pattern is ‘Plague Doctor Amigurumi‘ by Akabeko Botan, and I used Stylecraft Special DK and a 2.5mm hook. A silly, but well-received Christmas present 🙂

My ‘big’ Christmas crochet project this year was a blanket, for one of my carers. She’s had a particularly tough year, losing her father and two other close relatives within the space of three months. So I felt she deserved a blanket, since I knew she’d appreciate it.

This is the lovely ‘Spoke Flower Blanket‘ by The Crochet Fix. It’s been on my ‘want to do’ list for a while, because it’s beautifully simple and yet timelessly pretty, and I finally got around to it 🙂 The pattern includes several suggestions for variations, though I went with the basic/original. It was quick to work up and, as a bonus, used up quite a bit of stash yarn. I used Scheepjes Stonewashed in ‘red jasper’, ‘corundum ruby’, ‘boulder opal’, ‘coral’, ‘citrine’, and ‘pink quartzite’, with a 4mm hook. I did two rounds of each colour, and five colour repetitions in total, to make a generous-sized lap blanket.

And last, but certainly not least, I made two of these:

I love this little Nativity set so much 🙂 I’ve been meaning to make one for a while, but for one reason or another I never got around to it. This year I had time and energy for it, and impetus in the form of my lovely next door neighbours, who’ve been brilliantly supportive over the last year. So I made a set for them, and a set for me.

Lit by candlelight during a power cut on Boxing Day!

I couldn’t find a pattern that was just right, so I made my own. I’m particularly pleased with the three kings (metallic embroidery thread really makes them stand out!) but also with the donkey, which I wasn’t sure I could manage. I also, believe it or not, made the stables myself. I had a lovely craft pack of wooden dowels and lolly sticks, plus glue and a small bottle of wood stain.

And yes, I will be sharing the pattern – though I’ll probably hang onto it until the right season comes around again!

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