New yarn! Exciting!

Pssst, have you seen Stylecraft’s new yarn?

P1030084 copy

The Naturals Bamboo+Cotton DK. Look at all the colours!

As a Stylecraft Blogstar, I’ve known about this new release for a little while*, and ohhhh I’ve been so looking forward to talking about it, because it’s lush. Absolutely gorgeous. It’s silky-smooth to work with, with a beautiful twist and great stitch definition. And the colours! Forty-three colours for this new yarn, a beautiful range of soft, chalky pastels and neutrals.

I’m in love with it. Can you tell? 😀 it’s never going to displace Special DK as my go-to for blankets, but ohhhh it’s lovely. I’m already dreaming up ways to use it. I have vague plans for a blanket design, and plans for bunting, and PLANS.

So, it’s a DK weight yarn, though it’s thinner than the majority of DK yarns. It’s definitely thicker than 4 ply. You get 250m per 100g ball, which is less than Special DK but somehow feels more, probably because it’s a little thinner. And did I mention the colours? Honestly, I can’t decide which is my favourite. They’re all really lovely.

The first thing I did with this yarn was a motif from The Loopy Stitch’s Floral Dreams. Emily of The Loopy Stitch is the newest Stylecraft Blogstar, and her Floral Dreams was published in January. It’s a gorgeous design, and I thought it would be a perfect way to try the new yarn and get a feel for it 😀

P1030073 copy
Colours, from centre out: pale pink, lilac, lavender, seafoam, aqua, surf, wedgewood and ecru

You can see the gorgeous stitch definition from this. Honestly, it’s so lovely. I don’t know what it is about it, but I think I prefer it to the Classique Cotton DK, another cotton-based DK yarn from Stylecraft. It’s got such a lovely feel to it, and the slightly thinner weight makes it feel more drape-y.

I used a 4mm hook, which is the recommended hook for this yarn, though I think I could have used a 3.5mm without it feeling too tight. I did try a 4.5mm, and that was definitely too loose, even though that’s what I normally use for DK yarn! But as I say, it sort of sits halfway between a DK and a 4 ply.

I liked the colours in this motif so much that I’ve started a fairly simple baby blanket with them: just a simple V stitch back-and-forth stripy blanket, but it’s working up nicely and the drape is just to die for. It’s my current ‘out and about’ project, which essentially means it gets carted in and out of hospital waiting rooms 😀 it’s always nice to have something mindless to work on, though, and this yarn is just so easy to work with.

P1030081 copy

It’s not my main WIP right now (that’s a gooorgeous hexagon cushion, which those of you who follow me on Instagram will have seen; a blog post will come soon, I promise!) so I imagine it’ll be a little while until it’s done, but as I say, it’s always nice to have something simple to work on when my brain is a bit fried.

Don’t forget to keep posting pics of your Kaleidoscope progress, on FB, Instagram or Ravelry! I love seeing your pictures; it’s so magical to see your work coming together at this point, joining up all those triangles. I do see all the pictures in the FB group, and most of them elsewhere, and I’m so proud of you all 🙂



*Just so you know, Stylecraft gave me this yarn for free, but I’m not obligated to say nice things about it – my opinions are genuine and my own 🙂

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