Kaleidoscope in Arabic

Thanks to Marian Zakhary, I am pleased to say that the Kaleidoscope Blanket is also now in Arabic!

Part 0 (Getting Ready) and Part 01 are available on Ravelry now; parts 02 and 03 will be uploaded soon, and then future parts will be released fortnightly with the other languages.

I’m so happy that this pattern is reaching so many people across the world in different languages. It’s such a rewarding feeling 🙂

I do hope you’re all still enjoying the challenge; it’s lovely seeing your pictures, whether on the Facebook group or on Ravelry. Do keep posting them!

5 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope in Arabic

  1. Love this afghan would like to get a printed copy of pattern. I am not tech savey. please help me with some suggestions. I am sure I am not the only person that does computer, thankyou very much


    1. The best thing I can think of is that you find some friendly tech person to help you. A public library ought to be able to help you out? If you have a Ravelry account, they can help you access that and print off the pattern (they can probably even help you set up a Ravelry account if necessary).


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