Candyfloss Daydreams

Today is an exciting day for me, because today is a pattern release day!! Hooray!

Let me show you all the Candyfloss Daydreams blanket.

Candyfloss Daydreams 01

Often, when I sit down to design a new blanket, I have a very clear idea in my mind about what I want to achieve in the pattern. Whether it’s specific shapes or textures, or to create an impression of story or character, I have a picture in my mind that I then set out to recreate in yarn.

Occasionally I just go ‘ooh, colours, pretty!’, and that’s what I did with this blanket – I had an idea for a soft, pastel-ish colour palette, and the rest of it followed after!

And so Candyfloss Daydreams was born.

P1020285 copy

Isn’t it pretty? I’m so pleased with it.

My goal with this blanket design was to work outside my comfort zone in terms of colour. I tend to go for bright colours, often in blues, greens and purples, but sometimes it’s nice to break the mould a little.

It’s composed of four different sizes of square that all fit together a little like a jigsaw puzzle to create a square blanket that’s big enough for a lap blanket, or the perfect size for a child. The border is light and ruffly, which is a lovely contrast to the more solid squares.


  • The pattern is written in US terms and and assumes you’re familiar with a range of basic and intermediate stitches. It includes plenty of pictures.
  • It uses five colours of Stylecraft Special DK (sherbet, candyfloss, soft peach, toy, and cream)
  • You will need two balls of sherbet and candyfloss, and three balls of soft peach, toy and cream.
  • I used a 4.5mm hook.
  • The squares are 3″, 6″, 9″ and 12″, and the blanket measures approximately 44”/112cm.
  • Gauge isn’t terribly important for this blanket, as long as your squares all correspond. That is, if your 3” square is more like 3.5”, then your 6” squares should be 7”, etc, so that all four sizes of square fit together. If your squares are larger, you will also need to allow more yarn to complete the project.
  • You will also need a tapestry needle for sewing in ends, and you will find stitch markers helpful too.

The pattern has been tested, but we’re only human; forgive any errors!

You can buy colour packs HERE in my Deramores shop.

The pattern is available for free on Ravelry.

As ever, my patterns are free, but if you would like, please feel free to make a donation to an ME charity (such as ME Research UK) instead.


3 thoughts on “Candyfloss Daydreams

  1. Thank you, this pattern is absolutely beautiful. I love the pastel colours so much. I’m happy to make a donation to ME as my daughter lives with this awful condition xx


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