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All the ‘rules’ say you shouldn’t say, in a blogpost, ‘ahh, it’s been so long since I updated, I’m sorry’, so I won’t say it. All I will say is that Life has been a bit hectic over the last few weeks, and leave it at that πŸ˜€img_1117


Crocheting is progressing, slowly. My blanket is all in one piece and the border is finally underway – albeit slowly, because, naturally, every time I sit down to work on it, a cat spots me with a blanket on my lap and decides it’s obviously there for their use.




My other project, a more mindless blanket for days when I’m too tired for words, is also growing apace. This is also a lighter blanket for carting around with me outside the house. I call it ‘squishy squishy soft soft’, since the yarn is gloriously soft, the pattern is squishy, and that’s the state of my brain when I’m working on it πŸ˜€



But mostly I’ve been doing a lot of fox-proofing! Yes, that dratted fox is still hanging about, every single night/dawn. He walks up and down outside the chicken yard, but *touch wood* hasn’t been able to get at the chickens. They are well and truly secured. I am constantly vigilant, checking all the fences and latches every evening (several times an evening, truth be told, just to make sure I didn’t miss one earlier…), but for now, I seem to have beaten him, and my four new hens have settled in well with my two older ones. And, having wanted them for years, I finally have blue-shelled eggs!

Between stints of fox-proofing, I’ve been trying to rest, and I’ve done a fair bit of staring wearily at my blanket, trying to make my brain function enough to design a border. I hit a brick wall with it, and I gave it a rest entirely for almost a week. Now I’m back to it, and the break definitely helped.

On another note, the garden is looking lovely at the moment. The roses have all started coming out and are glorious. So I thought I’d share some pics with you all πŸ™‚

Even a night and day full of rain hasn’t diminished them πŸ˜€ so although I’m generally feeling rather tired and worn out, at least I have beautiful things in my back garden to look at.




2 thoughts on “This and that

  1. I too have chickens. We live in Southern California and although we don’t have fox, we have coyotes. My husband has created a coop where our hens are safe, but, it’s still a worry, so, I understand your angst. Luckily, we have 2 Great Pyrnees that keep watch 24/7, taking care of their hens and inside the coop, a Rooster who crows at any sign of trouble. I find that my hens gift me with a calmness that starts my day, it’s equal to crocheting. I, also, have two hens that lay those colored eggs you wrote about. Keep vigilant, hopefully, your fox will soon be off to greener pastures

    Liz Dannenberger


    1. Apparently alpacas deter foxes. My mother told me this with glee, and pointed out that I could shear it and have my own wool, which she could card, and we could learn to spin.

      I pointed out that we’re in an urban area with no grazing in our back garden, and she was rather miffed! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      But yeah, sitting and ‘communing’ with the hens is very calming. They’re such funny little things. On a hot day I go and sit out there and just watch them all dust bathing, perfectly at peace with their existence.


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