Mini update number nineteen

Ahhh look how close I am to finishing!

I have two edges done. It is now completely in a cushion-shape, open at just one end, which I need to fill in and straighten up. Then I need to sew on some buttons and make some little loops for the buttons to fasten on to – and good grief, there will be a lot of ends to sew in, too, because I’ve pinned it onto the cushion and am steaming forth without letting myself think about the mountain of ends I’m leaving for myself.

I’m also going to do some surface crochet and/or embroidery in places, to jazz it up even more, because in this case, less is not more. Less is definitely not more.

BUT despite the ends and the extras, I am really, really close to finishing this. So close I can taste it. How absolutely fantastic is that!

(Note to self: find some absolutely awesome buttons that match the craziness of this cushion cover).

3 thoughts on “Mini update number nineteen

  1. This is going to be THE most fantastic cushion cover! I’ve loved watching your journey on this, and hope you find the perfect buttons.


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