Mini update number seventeen

This is starting to get a bit tricky.

It’s all very well making flowers, and then turning flowers into clumps of flowers, and joining the clumps together. But this is obviously going to be a cushion. Which means it has to fit precisely. I don’t want it to sag right from the beginning!

And that means…well, let’s say a bit of jigsaw puzzle work.

To get the sides fitting right, I’ve pinned the cover onto the cushion and I’m working very carefully – and very awkwardly – to fill in the gaps and make the side the right height. Pinning it means I don’t have to guestimate the straight lines and angles, but does have the rather obvious downside of, having to hold a big flat cushion and angling myself around it, rather than moving the cover as I work.

Pinning also has the upside/downside of meaning that those ends are not going to get sewn in as I go. Oh no. I am not unpinning this cushion every evening for an hour or so sewing in ends. I’m just going to push through and try to get at least one narrow edge done before I unpin it. When I’ve got that side, at that point I’ll probably unpin, sew in ends, and then either move on to the other side, or do some more working from the middle.

I am, objectively speaking, nearly there. There’s not actually a huge amount of space left to fill. But it’s getting trickier and trickier, both because of getting the size right and because I’m trying really hard not to reuse colours too close to each other, and the more I do, the fewer my colour choices seem to become. At least, I seem to spend more time picking a colour, checking where it was last used, and putting it back in the bag!

Still. I’m so so pleased with it. It’s really gorgeous. I can’t wait for it to be finished.

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