Mini update number thirteen

I can’t decide whether I should start joining on to the first half, or whether to keep the two halves separate until the second half is a lot bigger.

I am full of indecision. And it’s really not a complex one! But it matters in terms of where I use colours, and if I join that right hand section now, I’ll keep a better sense of where each colour has been used and, therefore, where I can reasonably use that colour again.

The only downside is that the bigger it gets, the harder it is to work on. It’s a dense fabric, and it’s got quite a weight to it!

I’ll sew in some ends and decide later, I think 😀

2 thoughts on “Mini update number thirteen

  1. It sounds as though you’re talking yourself into joining on to the first half. The downside is the weight of the fabric; the upside is better use of colour and thus ultimately a better piece of work. And you are a perfectionist. Need I say more?

    The cushion cover looks stunningly brilliant. I love the use of colour. So vibrant.


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