Ta da! C2C baby blanket

Phew, who else is wilting in this heat? Weeks and weeks without a drop of rain here in East Anglia, and if I had more energy I would be out there doing a rain dance to try to bring some.A good thunderstorm would do me wonders!

However, despite the heat, I am continuing to crochet in my gentle, trying-to-recover-some-brain-energy way. As you’ve seen, I’ve been working hard on my freeform wheelchair cushion (hee I love it so much), and I’ve also finished off the C2C blanket I mentioned a few weeks ago.

It’s nice sometimes to just have a simple, mindless pattern to work on. Though that said, I did make a mistake in this blanket, and it glares at me whenever I see it. If anyone else spots it, just pretend you didn’t 😀

I used Stylecraft Special for Babies DK in baby lemon, baby pink, baby cream and pink mark. I also used Stylecraft Wondersoft Baby Stardust DK, in petal, rosebud and winter white. I used a 4.5mm hook, and the border is a slightly modified version of The Patchwork Heart’s C2C border. It measures 33″. It was nice yarn to work with, and after a wash and tumble dry it’s sooo soft and drapey. Perfect for a baby.

And in what seems to be becoming a habit, I also made a stuffed toy to go with the blanket and use up some of the last ends of yarn:

Isn’t it cute? The pattern is Jess Huff’s Jazzy the Unicorn, which is a free pattern. I used a 3.5mm hook and then went wild with the mane 😀

This blanket and toy were going to be homeless, but my brother’s visiting at the moment, and he’s bought it from me to give to a work colleague who’s expecting their first baby. Everything finds a home in the end. In fact all three of the baby blankets I’ve made this year have found homes fairly swiftly, which is nice, because then I have more storage space for yarn. Yes, I need more. Obviously. Eternally. And hey, look at how much space I’ve cleared this year with stashbust projects. I can totally have more yarn now. Right?

6 thoughts on “Ta da! C2C baby blanket

  1. Lovely blankie.
    My Secret Garden is coming along nicely and hopefully by October will be finished I just love it – in a way I’ll be sorry when it’s done I’ve enjoyed it so much. Thank you.
    You can NEVER have enough yarn!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes my love, you may have more yarn. I am sure we can squeeze it into our rather small Victorian semi. It seemed a big house before you started doing crochet!
    Catherine’s M um


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