Mini update number four – plus a tip

You may have noticed that in many/most of my little floral motifs, I’m using (initially, at least) just two or three colours:


There’s a reason for this, and the reason is…my appalling laziness.

No, that’s not quite fair πŸ˜€ but as we all know, sewing in the ends is pretty much every crocheter’s least favourite job, and I am absolutely no exception. So for these little flowers – before they get joined up into the bigger, riotously colourful piece – I’m sticking with two or three colours because that way, I can minimise the ends:


See how on each flower, there are only two sets of ends? The beginning tail and the end tail. When I finish a round, I don’t break off, but attach the new colour. Then, when I want the first colour again, I chain a few stitches up the back of the work, and then work into the new round. You can see it most clearly on the left-hand flower, I think – the pink chain stitches working out from the centre to the left edge.

It’s a neat trick for something like a cushion cover, where the back of my work doesn’t have to be beautifully neat (because it’ll never be seen). And it halves the number of ends πŸ˜€

Mind, that’s only for each individual flower. There’s still a huge number of ends overall. And the bigger it grows, the more ends there are πŸ˜€


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