New project

After the gloom and frustration of my last post, I have some good news to report 😀 no, not a new pattern design precisely, but a new project. Some creativity, at least.

I have embarked on another freeform crochet project. This time a more functional item than The Starry Night: a cushion cover.

To be more precise, a cover for my wheelchair cushion.

As many of you know, I use a wheelchair most of the time when I’m out and about. It’s a nice wheelchair. Lightweight, easy to manoevre, very comfortable. And then there’s the cushion, which is dark grey and covered in vinyl.

It’s boring. It’s dull. Okay, so I don’t actually see it a lot of the time (and neither does anybody else!) because I’m sitting on it, but hey, just because something isn’t seen much doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty, right?

So here I go. A removable, washable cover for my wheelchair cushion, which is 17x15x2″ in size. In cotton, because I wanted something really breathable for the summer months. How to choose colours? Well, I didn’t. I went bold. I treated myself to this:


A box full of yarn! 10g each of all 109 colours in the Scheepjes Catona range. Oh yes. Sooo many colours to play with.


It’s going to be bright and cheerful and possibly a little psychedelic, and utterly unique.

I’ve decided to aim at floral-type patterns/motifs. Flowers, petals, leaves. Roughly speaking, give or take a few spirals and things. I’m not going to plan ahead. I have all these balls of yarn in a big bag, and I’m plunging a hand in and picking a colour at random and without looking. I put it back if it’s one I’ve only recently used, or if I look at the colour it’ll be sitting next and just think ‘no’, so it’s not entirely at random, but near enough.

And no pattern. Because that’s what freeform is all about 😀 I’m just going to play with colour and shape and a bit of texture -not too much, because after all I do have to sit on the thing! It’ll need to be flat, and it will obviously need to end up the right size and shape. I plan to fasten it with buttons along one side, but I’ll sort that all out later.



Here’s what I’ve got so far. Not much, but a start! Ignore the ends, that’s what I’m doing. Yes, I’ll have to get better at sewing in more-or-less as I go, but I want to get a little further on first, in case I decide I need to frog any of it.


So, quick straw poll time. I’d like to do frequent mini updates of my progress with this, but I don’t want to spam everybody’s inboxes. I can, if prevailing opinion agrees, just post these updates on Instagram. Or I can post them here. These really will be mini updates, usually – just a picture and a brief comment, no doubt often involving me tearing my hair out.

So if you’ve got a preference for here over Instagram, or vice versa, let me know in a comment (either here or on Facebook). Otherwise you’ll leave the decision to me, and it’s too hot to make decisions today!

18 thoughts on “New project

  1. Since I am not on Instagram, I’d prefer updates be posted here – that is, after all, why I signed up to receive email updates from you. Is EVERYONE on Instagram? I have no business, so see no need to sign up for yet another “social media’ platform.


    1. I resisted Instagram for an awfully long time, but it /is/ nice to just be able to take a quick photo and post it with minimal need for words! But it’s easy enough to post to WordPress from my phone, too. I just wanted to give people a choice because the updates really will sometimes just be ‘[picture] caption: today’s progress’ 🙂


  2. I prefer you to post to your blog. I love reading your blog posts and don’t do Instagram (what is Instagram???) or Facebook. Of course I can always glance over to your “side” of the living room to see how the project is progressing, and no doubt often will, but the blog post adds something mais je ne sais quoi .

    Lots of love,
    Catherine’s Mum

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