Winding fun

I promised I’d be better about updating, so here I am with a quickie. Nothing to show project-wise (though I’m halfway done with that decorative design I mentioned the other day) but I got some lovely yarn the other day, for making a Christmas present, and I just had to share my excitement at finally using my yarn swift!!!


I was given this….two Christmases ago, I think? And unbelievably, I’ve never actually had cause to use it before. It’s not that I don’t have yarn in skeins – I do, I have some goooorgeous turquoise alpaca 4 ply that has been sitting in my stash, in skeins, for years. But it’s waiting for the right project, which hasn’t turned up yet. But this yarn! This yarn is For A Purpose.

It’s 75% super wash merino, 20% Nylon and 5% Stellina sparkle silver, 4 ply, hand dyed by Northshire Yarns on etsy. And ooooooh, aren’t the colours gorgeous! Purple fading into grey and black, with that extra bit of sparkle in it.

My yarn swift was a bit stiff at first, and I need to put better rubber grip feet on it, but oooh so much fun using it and my yarn winder.


From skein to lovely centre-pull ball. So much fun. And so much better than using a couple of chair backs/my mother. And the yarn itself is so soft and lush; I’m very much looking forward to working with it.

And now,, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and have another wander in that etsy shop…because obviously I don’t have enough yarn. Honestly I don’t.

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