Ta da!


Don’t you just love that moment when the last end has been sewn in, the project is finished, and the blanket is done? Oh how I love that feeling. I love working on blankets. Absolutely love it. I love making these portable hugs for people I care about. But oh, when it gets close to the end, and it feels like there’s still miles to go even though I know it really can’t be that much longer…oh that can be a tough feeling.

And then it’s all done! Hurrah! A quick wash and tumble dry makes all the stitches settle and gives an added softness to the blanket.


The pattern I used is Dedri Uys’ free pattern Esme’s Winter Cottage. In Stylecraft Special DK, and a 5mm hook, my squares came out at around ~9.5″, so I did twenty-five in total. Four different colours (cream, bluebell, wisteria and emperor) meant I only had to repeat one colour combination – all the other squares are unique. The border was #25 from Edie Eckman’s wonderful book ‘Around the Corner: Crochet Borders’.

This is a rare commission, a Christmas present for a friend-of-a-friend, and I think it’s my last Christmas blanket of the year – this one makes three in total, this year, which is about average. I’ve got a few smaller bits and bobs to do for Christmas, and at the moment I’m rather ill, so I’m focusing on those before going back to the Sunflower blanket. But hopefully it won’t be long before I’m back embroiled in petal shapes and sunflower colours!

3 thoughts on “Ta da!

  1. Sorry to hear you aren’t well, hope you are better when you get this. I have been admiring your work for awhile and im very keen to see your sunflower blanket, you are very inspiring.


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