7 thoughts on “Demelza CAL – part two

  1. Hello! I’m a big fan of your work, I have been looking for “part 2, 4, 5 and 8” video in youtube and I haven’t found it!
    Please, can you tell me why isn’t available anymore and when it will be available again?
    Thank you so much
    Kind Regards,
    Francisca Ahumada (Chile)


  2. Hi Catherine,

    In the US terms, at the top of the page it describes the clusters as worked in tr stitches but in the instructions they are dc stitches. I’ve looked at the UK terms and they show tr and tr so as the UK tr is the same as the US dc, I’m going to stick with DC and hope my squares come out at the correct size.

    If you read this, could you confirm which is correct in case I need to start over?

    Thank you,


      1. Phew, that’s a relief.
        I remember reading the top bit about tr stitches but forgot all about it when following the instructions. I spotted it again while completing the 5th round of the 8th square and all the colour drained from me completely.

        Thanks for replying,

        Kind regards,



  3. Me again…

    In row 9 in the two 5dcs from previous row, first one asks for bpsc but the second wants bpdc. I’ve compared it to the UK version and that also wants contradicting stitches.

    Could you please tell me which it should be?

    Thanks in advance,



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