‘All blankets are my blankets’

Meet Slinky Malinki.


Slinky Malinki – otherwise known as Slinky (or ‘that daft cat’, or ‘the little black devil’) – thinks that all blankets are her blankets.

And I do mean all blankets.

No sooner do I pick up a blanket to work on it – usually when it’s a one-piece, or when I’m working squares together or working on a border – but Slinky appears, like magic, and onto my lap she comes.

‘Crochet?’ she seems to say. ‘No. Petting. Lap time. Crochet is for other humans.’

And when she comes on my lap, all work must necessarily stop! I can usually do a few inches more, but not much more without disturbing her. Which obviously I can’t do, because she’s an adorable little cutie-pie coming onto my lap for cuddles.

I’m a softie. It’s true. But look at that face. Could you move her?


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