Demelza blanket CAL

It seems incredible to me, but the Pippin Crochet Club on Facebook are embarking upon a crochet-a-long of my Demelza blanket, beginning on the 25th August.


It’s a great opportunity to work on the blanket with other people – particularly if you’re less confident with some of the stitches, or newer to crochet. I hope I’ve made the pattern clear enough, and there are plenty of pictures, but it’s always good to have a group of people doing the same thing so you can lean on them for any help and for solidarity!

I’m so terrifically excited to see what everyone comes up with. Some of the colour palettes that people are planning to use are so lovely. It almost makes me want to pick out another set of colours and make it again myself!!

I do hope everyone has fun doing it πŸ™‚ later today I’m planning another blog post to show how I was inspired to make the blanket, and the stages I went through designing it. I hope people will find that interesting!


7 thoughts on “Demelza blanket CAL

  1. I’m going to love following your blog… the colours in the demelza blanket are wonderful. i am going to have a go at the CAL and I have decided to copy your palette.. not sure who is going to be the lucky recipient… if the kids fight over it I may have to do another 3 …..


    1. Ha, I have that problem with blankets. I’m working on a Mandala Madness at the moment, as a Christmas present for a friend, but my mum doesn’t want it to leave the house. Tough luck, mother… πŸ˜€


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