The Kaleidoscope Blanket – in translation (again!)

I seem to keep having exciting translation news to share with you 😀

Firstly, the French translation of the ‘getting ready’ pdf and of part 01 is available to download from the Ravelry pattern page. Thanks to Johanne Rousseau for this.

Part 01 is also now available in UK terms, thanks to Kathy Patching, and as a chart, thanks to Cynthia Welch.

I’m loving seeing how you’re all getting on making the squares. It’s so exciting to log on every day and see people’s progress! I’m honestly so proud of you all 😀 keep up the good work!

One thought on “The Kaleidoscope Blanket – in translation (again!)

  1. I love this pattern. Am really going to give it a whirl. At 71years old keeps the hands and brain functioning. How will I be able to show the progress.

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