New design project

This blog post is brought to you from the depths of climate change summer hell, where today it is a positively cool 25C, unlike yesterday’s record-breaking 38C. I am a pale-skinned, red-headed Brit, and I Do Not Do heat like that :S it’s exhausting and brain-draining, but today is so much cooler, and I am finally feeling up to writing the blog post that I’ve been meaning to write for several days.

AKA, I am working on a new design!

My mother commented that it’s rare for me to go straight from one design to another, and she’s not wrong: often I come to the end of a design project and sort of sit here, stupefied, with no ideas in sight and an encroaching sense of panic about whether inspiration is ever going to hit again. Not always, but often.

This time, however, I finished Kaleidoscope (and ohhh, can I just say, again, that I can’t wait to share it with you all?!), and fairly quickly picked up my hook and my ‘design yarn’ (Special DK in silver; do not ask me why, there is no good reason, but my Aspie brain can’t change now). I did some doodling on paper, worked out the general gist of where I wanted to go, and started working.

I’ve now designed all four squares for the blanket, and have picked out my colours – Stylecraft Special DK in toy, cloud blue, candyfloss, cream, sherbert and soft peach. Six colours, four different sizes of squares – 3″, 6″, 9″ and 12″.

Of course, this hot weather is rather putting me off crocheting much! It’s no fun working with acrylic in blistering temperatures. Still, it’s going to get cooler over the weekend and into next week, so fingers crossed I’ll be able to start working it up in colour soon 😀

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