A step closer

The hard slog is over! All the pieces for my current blanket design are done. Including my least favourite part, sewing in the ends.


So now I get to do the really, really exciting bit: putting it all together.

I’ve already started, as you can see above, but though there’s still a lot left, it’s so fun seeing it all coming together. It’s always a bit of a ‘hold your breath’ moment – seeing if the design I’ve been working on for months is actually going to work out! I mean, I know the maths works, I know the stitch counts work, I know the colours work…..but sometimes you can know all that, and yet it’s still an incredible buzz and an incredible surprise when it does, in fact, all come together as a cohesive and successful whole.

And yes, this one is coming together beautifully 😀

So, onwards and upwards. Lots of joining together and then the border. I don’t think it’s going to take much longer, now, but we’ll see. It’s going to be glorious, though. That much I know already!

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