Sunset Cushions

So, who remembers me working on a set of cushion covers?

And who thought I’d forgotten all about them?

Not quite 😀

My lovely pattern testers have been working on these for a little while, but everyone is now done, the errors are all ironed out, and the heatwave has broken so I have enough brain power to present to you the Sunset Cushions!

P1010083 copy

Aren’t they bright and cheerful?

There are three complementary designs. Each design shares the same centre and same colour order, but use post stitches to create different stitch patterns radiating out from the centre.

As you might gather from the name, I was inspired by the colours of a particularly lovely sunset: the reds and oranges close to the horizon slowly transforming through yellows and pinks until finally they meet the darker blues of night creeping in.


The pattern as written uses Stylecraft Special DK, in the following colours and quantities:

Midnight (110g), lobelia (120g), denim (97g), cloud blue (79g), duck egg (85g), apricot (58g), pale rose (59g), candyfloss (41g), soft peach (66g), lemon (56g), citron (46g), saffron (27g), gold (26g), spice (22g), tomato (5g), claret (1g)

I used a 4.5mm hook, and for a 16″ cushion pad, your cushion should be 5″ in diameter by the end of round 7.  Use whatever hook you’re most comfortable with to achieve this.

You will also need buttons for fastening each cushion (I used four per cushion), and you’ll find a tapestry needle useful for sewing in ends.

The pattern is in US terms and assumes familiarity with a range of basic and more intermediate stitches. There are plenty of pictures for the trickier bits.

This has been extensively tested, but we are all only human: forgive any errors that remain!

The pattern is available as a free Ravelry download.



8 thoughts on “Sunset Cushions

  1. These are glorious and blow my mind with their intricacy!! Post stitches scare me haha!! You are so clever, and the resulting designs are fabulous xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  2. I was very dubious about all that pink yarn appearing on the other side of the living room but as ever your colour sense is impeccable and the cushion covers are stunning. I love the sculptural effects you get from post stitches.

    Catherine’s Mum


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