Colours abound

No matter how many blankets I’ve made, I never quite seem to get over the moment of panic of ‘have I chosen the right colours?!’.

Sometimes that moment lasts seconds, sometimes hours, sometimes days. Sometimes it doesn’t happen at all. When I was making the Demelza blanket, I second-guessed my colours right up until I laid it all out. Only then did I relax: it worked, I could see it worked, I’d been right all along. I should learn to trust my sense of colour, because really, thinking back over all the blankets I’ve made, there are very few where I wish I’d made a different colour choice. And yet almost every time, back it comes. That creeping sense of ‘maybe I shouldn’t use that colour’ or ‘that’s too murky’ or ‘why the heck did I pick that colour, it goes with none of the others‘.

I did that yesterday. Yesterday I finished all the pattern squares for my next blanket – hurrah! As I’ve mentioned before, I work up my patterns in a plain colour first, so I can rip and re-rip and concentrate on the shape, form, texture and stitch counts before I get into playing with colour. Also yesterday, coincidentally, the postman brought me the beautiful, squishy, soft, colourful parcel of yarn that I needed to work the blanket up in colour!

You can see where I’m going with this, can’t you?

I unpacked my parcel, put all the yarn in my work basket, picked out the colours for the first square, and panicked. ‘Argh,’ I thought, ‘that yellow – and that colour – but the yarn pegs told me – !!!!’

I spent two solid hours last night worrying about colour. Two hours. I only stopped when my mother reminded me that I wasn’t sure about the Demelza colours right the way through. That and the fact that the evening had worn on and I needed to get some sleep! 😛

I came to it fresh this morning……and yes, I’m still second-guessing myself. That’s okay. I can handle that. I’ll start working on a different square, one where I know the colours are right, and in a few days time I’ll come back to the tricky ‘is it this one or is it that one?’ problem and hopefully by then I’ll have a better handle on it. Meanwhile, I shall calm my panicky self by the application of numerous cups of tea.

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