Progress at last

I have (finally) finished the next square pattern for my sunflower blanket, hurrah!


I was so hoping I’d have enough of the purple to get round that last corner and side, but no, onto another part-ball to finish it up. It’s entirely irrelevant, since I’m just using scrap yarn to write the pattern, but my inner perfectionist objects! It’s just under 8″ across, half the size of the big square that I’ve already completed.


Two down, many more to go. Hopefully I will emerge from the pattern-making process with my sanity intact, but I make no promises 😛 onwards and upwards, anyway!

2 thoughts on “Progress at last

  1. I have been looking very hard at the Poldark blankets was very nearly going to order yarn then I spotted the Sunflower blanket and wow think I will wait to see it finished looks awesome cant wait. Thank you so much for sharing these gorgeous patterns, your work is amazing.


    1. Well, look at it this way: I’m still a way off being ready to publish the Sunflower blanket pattern, so you could pick a Poldark blanket and do that now, and then by the time you’re done, hopefully the Sunflower blanket will be ready 😛


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