The adventure begins

I have finally finished my Mandala Madness, hurrah! No pics, sorry folks, it’s a Christmas present so I’m keeping it secret until after the recipient (hi Cyn!) opens it on Christmas Day.

Buuuut…..finishing that blanket means I’m ready to embark on a new design! This is the part that is terribly exciting and makes me full of ideas and desperate to get started. Soon enough will come the tearing out of hair and the wailing that I can’t make the yarn do what I want it to, but not yet. Right now it’s just exciting.FullSizeRender

I start by sketching out a rough plan. With my previous two designs, I did divert from it a little, but the basic shape and structure was the same from start to finish. This blanket is going to have more components, but I think there will be five different square patterns in total, of different sizes.
I’ve chosen my colours already, in Scheepjes Cotton 8 and Sunkissed yarns, but I won’t be working with them straight away. To work on the pattern, I’m using part-balls and bits of stash leftover from previous blankets I’ve done with this yarn. Once I’ve got the pattern sorted, I’ll use the ‘proper’ yarn, and photograph each stage as I go so that I can eventually release the pattern with lots of nice, helpful pictures.

As for what’s inspired this design….well, take a look at what I’ve been growing in pots in the garden this summer!


3 thoughts on “The adventure begins

  1. Looking forward to your new designs have nearly finished the demelza having begin before it be came a CAL Andi am definitely doing Poldark next. X


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