My current big WIP is a Mandala Madness blanket, but this weekend I’ve distracted myself into a smaller project.

My grandma is dying of liver cancer; it’s very aggressive, and it’s been a very quick decline. Before this year, she was healthy as anything and seemed likely to continue that way for a good many more years. So now the whole family is struggling to come to terms with it, and we’re all finding different ways to get through. My way? Well, obviously I’m crocheting something.


Her favourite flowers are freesias, and I can see why. They’re such a strangely-shaped flower, with that sideways-growing stem and a wonderful variety of colours. A challenge to crochet, but let’s face it, I like challenging myself. And of course I couldn’t find a pattern that I liked well enough, so obviously I’ve had to embark upon my own pattern.



So far it doesn’t look all that impressive! But I’m getting there. I’m aiming to make a small bouquet of freesias, that she can have in her bedroom now or, if it becomes necessary, a hospice or hospital room.


My grandmother, in 1942.


I always say that my creativity comes from my Grandma. She’s not been able to do it for a few years, but she used to make amazing patchwork quilts. Really creative patterns, pictures, and fabric choices. Now, I don’t have the patience to sew – even with a sewing machine! – but I’m in awe of her skill, and she understands how much skill goes into my crocheting. Even now, ill as she is, I’ve shown her all the reactions to my Demelza blanket, and told her about the CAL, and she’s been so proud of me and pleased for me. So I think a bunch of crocheted freesias will speak for me, now.


2 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. My favourite flower is the freesia can understand why your Grandma loves them 🙂 She must be so proud of you with the success of your Demelza Blanket, hope this gives you some comfort and peace through this difficult time xx


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