Wheatfields – progress update #3

I have finally triumphed over the wheat fields!!!!


P1030217 copy

And yes, I do mean triumphed. Oh my god, that was a hard slog. When it was going right, I was so so pleased and really enjoyed working on it! But there was an awful lot of time spent sitting staring at it going ‘that’s wrong…’ or ‘how the heck do I do THIS bit’, or ‘why on earth did I ever start this in the first place’. I even put it down for a few days and worked on something else, because I simply couldn’t make headway with it.

The problem, as I talked about in my last update, is that the wheatfield part of this painting is composed of lots of very short brushstrokes, with colour layering upon colour. And, in contrast to the bushes below and above, it’s all very much straight lines, rather than curves and circular shapes, so although I did do a bit of amigurumi-type circles to build up some shapes in the field, I also had to do a lot of surface crochet to keep the ‘strokes’ (ie, the line of crochet) going in the right direction.

The thing is, I’m a perfectionist. It’s not a bad quality to have per se, but sometimes it means unending frustration when I can’t get my crochet to do what I know it can do. And sometimes it leads to me literally cutting out bits that haven’t gone well. Which I have done two or three times so far in this crochet painting!! *sighs* including that bit at the left hand side, just above the wheat field, where there’s a little line of bushes above the yellow. Discovering at 10pm at night that that bit had gone wrong was not my finest hour, this week. But once I’d cut it out (having sewn in the ends, I had no choice!) I was able to re-do it quite quickly.

And now! I have triumphed! I have succeeded! Apart from a few ends around the edges and a little bit of reddish for those flowers sprinkled across part of the lower bushes (and a bit of squaring off, mostly at the bottom), the wheatfields are now complete. It’s taken me…maybe the better part of two months? I think about that. Thank god it’s finally done; any more and I might have throttled myself for setting myself this challenge at all.

P1030166 copy

So now I can move on: back up to the bushes in the lower middle of the picture, and the cypress tree on the right. I’ll also start on those blue hills as I build upwards with green.

Then it’ll be up to those lovely big swirling clouds in the sky. I’m looking forward to those, I must say!


I’m hopeful that it’ll all be smoother and quicker from now on, but we shall see. At any rate, it’ll be nice to be using something other than yellow for a while šŸ™‚



4 thoughts on “Wheatfields – progress update #3

  1. Hey,
    Every time I look at this, I’m amazed at the time and effort going into it. I plug along trying to perfect the Catherine Wheel!
    I hope future generations of your family treasure this for what it is, a work of art, just as much as the Van Gogh version.
    Thanks for updating.


  2. Your progress on this has been so interesting to watch. This am I was looking at a book of designs by Reiko Washizawa and love the meticulous detail on her creations, somewhat analogous to freeform design on your work, quite intriguing.


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