Mini update number eighteen

Drumroll, please! I have….a corner!


Isn’t it wonderfully corner-like? In fact, what I have is more than a corner. I have a corner and the whole of one side:

It is beginning to look remarkably like a cushion cover 😀 I’m really pleased. And it was definitely the right decision to pin it onto the cushion and work a corner and a side. I’ll be able to keep the rest of it fitting nice and snug, now.

But, as I expected, it has left me with a mountain of ends to sew in:


So that’s my next job. I’ve spent the evening making a start, but there’s still loads to go before I can allow myself to get back to the actual crocheting. I am cautiously optimistic about being able to keep crocheting by Sunday, if I actually crack on tomorrow and get these ends done in a timely manner. Which doesn’t sound like me at all, in all honesty, so maybe Monday. We’ll see!

4 thoughts on “Mini update number eighteen

  1. As ever the colours are gorgeous. And the corners are neat and sharp and so….cornerish. I am in the privileged position of seeing this work of art develop right in front of me, and I can assure the that the photographs don’t (no photograph could) do justice to these corners.


  2. Really love this cushion and I’d love to learn how to do this kind of crocheting… where to start? You must be very proud of yourself, well done, it really is gorgeous, a little piece of art!


    1. Start small, is my advice. Do as I say, not as I do.

      But seriously, if you’ve got a good grasp of the basic stitches, increasing and decreasing, and don’t mind ripping out a lot at first….just go for it. There’s no rules, just what you want it to look like.


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