Keeping busy

I have been appallingly bad at updating here, over the past few weeks. Life – or rather, chronic ill health – has somewhat jumped on top of me, stomped around a lot, and left me feeling rather battered.

Not that I haven’t been crocheting: on the contrary, I’ve been terribly busy, hard at work on projects big and small. But it’s getting to be that time of year where I begin to focus on my Christmas crochet projects (the early bird catches the worm, etc. I believe in being prepared early), and many of those I can’t share with you all yet, because they’re destined for friends or family who read my blog. Obviously I don’t want them to have any sneak peeks of their presents in advance!

And of my non-Christmas projects, there’s also not much I can share yet. I have finished my blanket, which is now with a lovely group of guinea pigs volunteers for testing. It’s a large blanket, so it’ll be some time before I can share the pattern with you, I’m afraid – but it’ll be worth it, I promise. I think it’s the best blanket I’ve designed so far, and it’s currently sitting on my living room sofa so I can look at it whenever I like πŸ™‚

I have made a shawl for myself, which I can share with you:

It’s a custom yarn, acrylic and cotton with a strand of lurex, and I used the free pattern Bowtie Pi, which is a nice, simple repeat that works up very quickly. It’s made a lovely little shawl, and if the summer had given us better weather, I could have worn it quite a lot in the cooler evenings! Ah well. We may still get some warmer days.

And finally, I’ve started a new design project today – not a blanket, a smaller decorative project. It’s too soon to tell you much about it, but here’s a sneak peek:

Oooh, such lovely colours πŸ˜€

More on this new design soon, hopefully. It’s a small project so shouldn’t take too long. I’m using Stylecraft Classique DK, which I’ve not used before, and oooooh it’s so lovely and soft to work with. Oooohhh, the colours, the lovely stitch definition! It’s definitely going onto my ‘must work with again’ list.

Meanwhile, I’ve been loving seeing all your Ross blankets in progress and now reaching completion. I always get a thrill seeing other people working on and enjoying my designs. I’m so glad so many of you have enjoyed doing the CAL. Don’t forget to tag me in your posts about it on FB, to make sure I see your finished blanket.

So as you can see, though I’ve been quiet, I’ve been keeping myself busy. My hook is rarely idle! Hopefully a few more weeks of peace and quiet (ha!) will help me get over this bad patch of illness, but meanwhile, I will try to do a little better with blog posts πŸ˜€

3 thoughts on “Keeping busy

  1. Sending healing thoughts your way Beautiful shawl! And i love the Classique Cotton too – I won some in a Stylecraft giveaway last year. I’m still using it up in small projects. Looking forward to your next blanket. How can one top Demelza? i can’t wait to see.


  2. I’m so sorry to hear you have been suffering recently. I find crochet to be a bit of a cure-all with my fibromyalgia, so I hope the same is true for you. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
    Shelly 😘


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