Demelza, Demelza

Ever since the Pippin CAL finished, I’ve been nosing through all the pictures of wonderful finished blankets, and I thought I might showcase some of my absolute favourites here. It was hard to whittle it down to the ten I finally chose! There were so many lovely blankets, both in my original colours and in all sorts of other colours, and in all kinds of different yarns and sizes, and even some with some alterations to make the blanket bigger/smaller/rectangular – you name it, you did it! But in the end I got it down to these few, just as a brief selection of some of the wonderful work that was produced by the CAL.

This one, by Michelle Thomas, uses a gorgeous combination of colours, including a variegated yarn, and I really love the effect she’s created.The purples, blues and creams make it all look so lush.

I love Mada Vorster’s use of pastel shades. It’s really lovely, very soft-looking. For some reason it makes me think of an ice cream sundae!

(c) Sylvie Brunelle

I love how Sylvie Brunelle has used the lighter cream colours to make the purples, greens and gold-yellow really pop. The different border is great, too 🙂

This one by Julie Novak is really quite different! Using a darker border for each square really transforms the design and makes the flowers stand out.

This one by Suzanna Sala is one that’s been adapted. She says: ‘I have named her “Julia”. I have taken some liberties with the pattern but I think it combines Demelza with the softness for a baby.’ I absolutely love it! The colourwork is so cleverly done on the rectangle sections, and I love the muted softness combined with the few brighter colours.

(c) Lynette Butler

I love Lynette Butler’s use of colour here, especially how the lighter colours of ‘flat flower no. 1’ make those squares really stand out.

I love how Jill Lowery has used the yellow so sparingly to highlight the flower shapes. It’s really effective – and I love the colour scheme.

(c) Vanessa Smith

This one by Vanessa Smith is really gorgeous. I love how she’s used the same colour order for the two flat flower squares; it gives the blanket a beautiful coherence.

Melike Yazıcı Gençoğlu‎’s use of colour makes this really stand out. Bright and fresh, I particularly love the turqouise-y blue and the purples.

(c) Lynn Johnson

Lynn Johnson’s blanket is another one that’s been slightly adapted – she says ‘I‘ve taken a few liberties with the pattern – the 3D flowers looked a bit mournful in grey‘. I think it looks so stunning in this monochrome colour scheme. It makes me think of frost and snowflakes.

There were so many more lovely versions of Demelza that came out of the CAL, but I couldn’t possibly feature all of them! I’m so glad that you’ve all had such a wonderful time working on this blanket. I’ve certainly enjoyed seeing the results.

10 thoughts on “Demelza, Demelza

  1. Thank you for featuring my blanket Catherine. It was such a pleasure working on your pattern and I’ve learned so much on this journey. Thank you for creating this beautiful blanket.


  2. I struggled with demelza as I’m a beginner, but my all time favourite has to be Mada’s, it’s absolutely beautiful. That is the one that I wish to aspire to, so maybe with some more practice I will one day.


  3. Hello Catherine.
    I had a basic understanding of crochet and as a way of coping after a bereavement which led on to deep depression I re visited crochet.

    I found your pattern for Demelza on Deramores and liked it instantly. The colours jumped out at me and had to order it!
    It has been a real challenge to make it and it is now assembled.
    I have left off the border as to me it was beautiful without it.
    I absolutely loved the challenge and the complexity of the project and to be honest feel a bit lost now it’s complete.
    I made it for my gran daughter who I’ve yet to meet!


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