Twenty long, frustration-filled days later, and I have finally completed the pattern for the biggest square of my new project.


Looking at it now, there’s one teeeensy adjustment I’m going to make when I work it up in the proper colours (it’s in among the lime-looking green) but it’s literally just omitting a stitch and there’s no way I’m going to redo everything else just to change a small thing that I don’t need to change. It’s my perfectionist nature making me look at it and think ‘no, that’s not necessary, and it’s superfluous’. Occasionally these things only pop out at me when the whole pattern is worked up. Otherwise I’m really pleased with it.

Now, the next stage would normally be to work this up in the right colours, photographing as I go, buuuuut….I am horribly aware that I have another blanket I need to make before Christmas. I’d love to have this blanket done for Christmas, because it’s for my ‘auntie’ Eve (hi Eve!), but it’s not essential, whereas the other blanket has been requested by one of my best friends/honorary sisters for one of her best friends as a Christmas present.

All of which is a convoluted way of saying I’m going to semi-hiatus the sunflower blanket and make a start on the other blanket – which is going to be lap-sized, and with somebody else’s pattern. I’ll probably work on both in tandem, to some extent, but in all honesty, my brain needs a break from pattern-writing, at least for a few days!

6 thoughts on “Hurrah!

  1. Once again you have made magic!!! This is absolutely gorgeous! I am so looking forward to were you go from here. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us.


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